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Never go to the Bank again for Wiring money - we work 24/7 for you!

  • Lowest cost Exchange Rates - we beat ALL BANKS
  • International Wire Transfers: call us or use your internet web browser
  • Real-time reporting & messaging
  • We work with Consumers as well as Businesses

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Face-to-Face Credit Card Processing

Do You Want to Wire money abroad?

If you do business on the Internet you need a secure, cost-effective and reliable way to send good funds payments and process transactions. We can get you set up easily and quickly with a robust solution for sending wire payments over the Internet.

Low-cost transactions with Competitive Exchange Rates

Good Funds Gateway has partnered with World First (for SWIFT - International Wire Payments) – the international payments specialists – to help you move your money more efficiently.

Whether you’re buying a property overseas, working abroad and want to send money home, paying for overseas tuition fees – or any other reason, there’s no doubt you’re looking for the best exchange rates you can find and service to match. That’s why we’re pleased to present a way that could save you money and a simple process and excellent customer service that will make moving your money much simpler.

Why World First?
~ Great exchange rates for your currency transfers
~ Fast international payments
~ Excellent customer service
~ Make payments online 24/7

Start saving time and money on your international payments. Sign up now!

Our International Wire processing system allows users to send one-time and recurring payments. Working with the Good Funds Gateway, you become part of the Good Funds Network.

Worried about Internet security? Our software has several features that protect your business from fraudulent activity: DON'T BE

  • Fraud Protection: Identify, manage and prevent suspicious or potentially costly fraudulent transactions.
  • Good Funds Authentication Programs: After a wire is processed, you'll even receive an e-mail with good funds confirmation and receiver information.

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Our in-house Good Funds experts are standing ready to help you make an informed decision to move your company's payment processing forward.

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