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U.C.C. 4A-103 (Payment Order; means an instruction of a sender to a receiving bank, transmitted orally, electronically, or in writing, to pay, or to cause another bank to pay, a fixed or determinable amount of money to a beneficiary if: (i) the instruction does not state a condition to payment to the beneficiary other than time of payment; (ii) the receiving bank is to be reimbursed by debiting an account of, or otherwise receiving payment from, the sender; and (iii) the instruction is transmitted by the sender directly to the receiving bank or to an agent, funds-transfer system, or communication system for transmittal to the receiving bank." "Good Funds Gateway", (a fast credit push payment system) electronic bank transfers are not restricted like ACH transactions to amount, or account type, and work with 100% of US checking accounts for any amount. Electronic checks do not fall under NACHA rules or Reg. E.

  • In the case of a purchase and sale, the buyer will instruct it’s bank to debit it’s account in the amount of the purchase price and credit those funds to the account of the seller. The law calls the buyer’s payment instruction to it’s bank a “Payment Order”, everybody else calls it a wire. If the buyer and seller share the same bank, the bank will affect the payment order by means of a “book entry” essentially adjusting it’s internal books and records to reflect the debit to the buyer’s account and corresponding credit to the seller’s account. If the buyer and seller do not share the same bank, the buyer’s bank will have to communicate the payment order to the seller’s bank. The three primary networks over which payment orders are transmitted are: (1) Fedwire, (2) Clearing House Interbank Payment System (CHIPS), and (3) the Society for Worldwide International Financial Telecommunications (SWIFT). In some instances, especially in more complex transactions such as international transactions, a payment order might make short stops at one or more intermediary banks for further processing along it’s way from the buyer’s bank to the seller’s bank.

  • The ability of a sender to recall a wire hinges primarily on whether or not the payment order has been accepted by the receiving bank. The reason for this is that the general rule under 4A is that a cancellation order is effective as long as it is received at a time and in a manner that affords a receiving bank a reasonable opportunity to act on the cancellation order before the receiving bank accepts the order. Put another way, as long as the seller’s bank hasn’t accepted the payment order, chances are good that the buyer can reverse the wire. However, after acceptance by the seller’s bank occurs, the scales tip in favor of the seller; cancellation orders are generally ineffective. The key time for a seller therefore, is the point in time at which it’s bank accepts the payment order.

    The rules regarding acceptance of a payment order are set out in §4A-209. §4A-209 sets out a couple of different events which will trigger acceptance of a payment order. As far as a seller is concerned, by far the most important trigger is set out in §4A-209(b)(1) which basically states that the beneficiary’s bank accepts a payment order when it pays the beneficiary or notifies the beneficiary that it’s account has been credited. Therefore, once a seller or seller’s counsel learns or is notified by it’s bank that funds have been credited to their account, the seller can safely assume that the payment order has been accepted and that therefore, the funds cannot be recalled.
  • Good Funds Gateway is a real-time payments platform that allows for real-time certified digital payments that are immediate, irrevocable, intra-bank and/or inter-bank account-to-account (A2A) transfers that utilize a real-time messaging system connected to every transaction participant through all U.S.-based financial institutions. Funds are available for use by the receiver and real-time confirmation is provided to both you ("the sender") and receiver in seconds. Most Good Funds transactions are "Credit Push" versus "Debit Pull."
  • Our system is a leading payments service that can reach virtually all U.S. bank and credit union accounts and enable funds to be sent and received typically within seconds 24/7/365.

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    Good Funds Processing

    Features & Benefits

    Good Funds Gateway has benefits for all parties involved in Real Estate Transactions. If you're a member of one of the following 8 groups, call us to see how we can benefit you: (Buyers, Sellers, Tenants, Property Management, Brokers, Agents, Escrow and Title).

    Payment Orders (aka: Wires) benefits include:

    • Money Transfer: Commission payments sent electronically.
    • It's Fast: 24/7/365 access to funds anytime vs. several days for paper checks or ACH transfers to process.
    • Funds Disbursement: Real Estate companies can disburse funds to their Vendors, Agents or Rebate discounts to their customers' bank accounts or mobile wallets.
    • Software Integration: Integrate your Real Estate Management software with us.
    • Online Earnest Money Deposits: Don't use inconvenient and expensive Wires & Cashier's Checks.
    • Online Down Payments: Don't use inconvenient and expensive Wires & Cashier's Checks.
    • Online Real-Time Reporting: Quit photocopying checks, receipts and escrow instructions.
    • Reduced calls / emails to Escrow: All parties to a "Good Funds Gateway" transaction receive text & email messaging. You choose who receives messages, Brokers, Agents, Transaction Coordinators, Escrow, Title, Lenders, etc.

    • Your Choice ~ Integrate your Real Estate Management software system with us or, send us your API and we'll integrate with YOU!

    Why use Good Funds Gateway?

    You get the flexibility to securely automatically authorize, process, and manage Good Funds transactions directly from your integrated software solution or manually keying them into our Virtual Terminal:

    • Good Funds Gateway is SAFE: It is safer than cash or checks in protecting users against fraud. The platform uses transaction limits and cross-border blocks to avert money laundering. eCheck transactions, using bank login authorization, are the most secure method of funds transfer available.
    • Good Funds Gateway is FREE to Receiving Party: Your Recipients will never be charged enrollment or transaction fees.
      Good Funds Gateway is FAST: 24/7/365 access to funds anytime.
      Good Funds Gateway is GENEROUS: Send up to $10 million US dollars in a single transaction - Transaction fee is only $1.75.
      Good Funds Gateway is EFFICIENT: The platform makes digital payments effortless and more efficient. We drive efficiencies and cost savings.
      Good Funds Gateway is EASY TO USE: It connects users across the globe all through one digital hub.
      Worried about Internet security? DON'T BE:
    • Fraud Protection: Identify, manage and prevent suspicious or potentially costly fraudulent transactions with our customizable, rules-based solutions.
    • After a transaction is processed, you'll even receive an e-mail with amount confirmation and receiver information. Plus, our payment platform gives you the ability to manually key-in transactions anywhere there's an Internet connection.

      Property Management:

      Good Funds Gateway doesn't share banking information between parties: "...consumers and businesses indicated that they would rather share an e-mail address or a phone number to make/receive payments instead of sharing their bank account numbers." Page 29, Strategies Improving US Payment System
      Good Funds Gateway allows for "Multiple Depository Accounts": More than one property or owner? No problem. Use multiple depository accounts at one Financial Institution or Different Financial Institutions.

      Sending money with Good Funds Gateway is:

      • Instant - funds will be received in seconds.
      • Flexible - send or receive one-time and recurring payments.
      • Easy - it's all done online or via your mobile device, no need to visit the bank.
      • Quick - takes seconds to set use once your company is approved.
      • Secure - money goes directly into the recipient's account of choice.
      • Convenient - funds can be instantly accessed and spent.
      • Inexpensive - one of the cheapest on the market as there are no costs for the receiver.

      QuickBooks Integration INCLUDED FREE!

      Good Funds QuickBooks Processing
      • Automate Agent Commission Payments (and other Account Payables)
      • Automate Account Receivable Collection
      • One-time and Recurring Debits / Credits

      QuickBooks® Integration: Good Funds Gateway specializes in the origination of moving money electronically. Use QuickBooks accounting software and our online virtual terminal gateway software to send and receive Good Funds transactions over the internet.

      How Good Funds Gateway works for Real Estate Companies in Sending & Receiving Funds

      Working with two Financial institutions (i.e. the "Sender's" Financial Institution and the "Receiver's" Financial Institution), Good Funds money transfer services engage in two transactions to accommodate the money transfer between the Sender and the Recipient: a funding transaction and a payment transaction.

      Step 1: Funding Transaction

      Good Funds Gateway platform creates a Funding transaction (i.e. Credit Push) to move money from the "Sender's" Originating Financial Institution (the financial institution where the money is currently on deposit); transactions enter the payments systems from the sender�s bank through the "Good Funds Wallet".

      • The amount used to fund the transaction will be the total amount to be sent to the Recipient. Good Funds Gateway fees and any fees charged by the Originating Institution will be charged in a separate transaction.
      • The Sender can fund the transaction using any deposit account at their Bank or Credit Union.
      • The Funding Transaction can be initiated in a number of ways, including at our website's Virtual Terminal, a mobile application, QuickBooks accounting software or a Web-based integrated software.

      Step 2: Payment Transaction

      The Good Funds Gateway platform transfers funds from the Originating Institution, via the "Good Funds Wallet" to the account identified by the Recipient at the Receiving Financial Institution. The Originating and Receiving Institutions must both have the ability to process electronic check transactions, (Good News: 99% of Financial Institutions have these abilities!).

      Good Funds Real Estate Transaction

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